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Best In Ear Monitors

So, what are the best in ear monitors?

Unlike off-the-shelf universal earphones / in ear monitors, the question really isnít that clear cut - There isnít a 1 size fits all answer basically!

Everyone will have different requirements, different needs, budgets will vary of course also, you may just be an audiophile looking for a great sound, a musician that needs to hear the mix perfectly and nicely balanced or a DJ that wants ear protection but with extra low end rumble...In other words, you need to tailor what you require to the right in ear monitors

What we can say is that we know where the best place in the UK is to buy the Best In Ear Montiors, with us, The Headphone Company!

We currently range custom in ear monitors by...JH Audio, ACS, Alien Ears, Westone, Minerva, ProGuard, Sleek Audio, Puretone, Unique Melody, Rooth and 1964 Ears - Sensaphonics and Starkey should be with us shortly! We are also able to offer the full range of universal in ear monitors from Shure and Westone, with or without custom sleeves

We believe that no matter what your requirement is that weíll have the right product or more likely choice of products for you! With the selection that we have available to us in addition to having a dedicated custom department with an in-house designer thatís always on hand with his iMac, Magic Mouse and Photoshop to take care of your artwork, your purchase will be hassle free and managed from start-to-finish, this, we can guarantee!

Already have some top-end universal in ear monitors / earphones? We are also able to take your working universals and turn them into a custom in ear monitor by reshelling them using your drivers and a new crossover, on some models we can even add in new drivers for an improved sound and performance

Good news! From today you can also contact our department for custom in ear monitors, 7 days per week on 01920 876 958, lines are now open Monday - Sunday, 9.00am - 9.00pm (formerly just office hours)

Need Ear Impressions? No problem, we have that covered also with our own in-house qualified professional taking ear impressions 7 days per week at our offices or with you at your premises (office, home, work, studio, backstage, music shop, music college, during rehearsal, etc). Donít worry if youíre not within our catchment, weíll help you get in touch with an audiologist in your area!

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