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Triple Driver Custom In-Ears (IEMs) with Detachable Cable on a Budget

Are you a musician, DJ, sound engineer or an audiophile - Need some Triple Driver Custom In-Ear Monitors / Earphones (IEMs) and a Detachable Cable but donít have a stash of cash laying about under your bed?

The ProGuard P2+1 Monitors offer a complete off the shelf, quick UK solution for an IEM with a dual low frequency driver and a third driver dedicated to the high frequencies - The result is stunning natural sound quality with detailed low frequencies and crisp highs. Priced at £379.99 including VAT, delivery and impressions you would have to agree that for custom IEMs thatís almost a steal, take a closer look at them on our site by Clicking Here

Alternatively if you are prepared to wait about 4 weeks then you could opt for a set of Alien Ears IEMs, which are made by musicians for musicians and because of that, you get more bang for your buck, pardon the expression but Alien Ears are from the USA so it felt appropriate

For a similar price to the P2+1 although you would need to provide us with your own ear impressions (easily made locally for about £30) you have a choice of the C3 (dual low / single high) or the full range CFR3 (single low / single mid / single high) - If you want more kick in the low end then the C3 is for you but if you prefer a more neutral balance then the CFR3 is the way to go - Find the C3 by Clicking Here and the CFR3 by Clicking Here

Why not take a look at our custom section online by Clicking Here if you want to look at other brands, or maybe you need less or even more drivers, maybe a fixed cable option is better for you or maybe you like the sound of the 8 driver JH16 Pro, we have them also...

If you want some personal human-to human advice donít forget that we have a dedicated custom department, weíll have all the answers to your questions, we can be reached on 01920 876 958


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