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Need Ear Impressions in London, Hertfordshire or Essex?


Where to get Ear Impressions?

If you are looking for custom in ear monitors, custom IEMs or custom ear protection / ear plugs you’ll be needing ear impressions...

We have a range of ear impression services through our own ear impression department using our qualified professional - We can offer urgent same day mobile appointments; day, evening or weekend mobile appointments in addition to appointments at our premises right through to corporate and business on-site day rates! Charges range from £35 per set of ear impressions although many of the custom products that we offer include ear impressions for FREE or with great savings if you choose a mobile appointment!

We can currently offer custom in ear monitors (custom IEMs), or custom ear protection / ear plugs by JH Audio, ACS, Alien Ears, Westone, Minerva, ProGuard, Sleek Audio, Puretone, Unique Melody and possibly Ultimate Ears in the near future

For a full list of our services for ear impressions Click Here or to talk to our ear impression department directly, call us on: 01920 876 959 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) or email by Clicking Here


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