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Unique Melody Aero Triple Driver Custom In Ear Monitors


Unique Melody Aero Triple Driver Custom In Ear Monitors

LHS Faceplate: Trans Smoke Black
LHS Shell: Trans Smoke Black
LHS Tip: Clear
Socket: Recessed

RHS Faceplate: Trans Smoke Black
RHS Shell: Trans Smoke Black
RHS Tip: Trans Red
Socket: Recessed


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Posted by Guy Warren  |  Posted on March 26th 2013, 15:13:20
I received a pair of UM Aeroís last week and I have to say, they are brilliant. I was using UE SuperFi 5ís and liked the clarity and strong bass, but disliked the muddiness of the bass. Its a very full, fat bass. I also wanted to use the CIEM with an iPhone.

Having spent an hour with Paul and listened to all the 2, 3, 4 & 6 driver CIEMís they have, I decided on the Aeroís because of their clarity, speed, and balance for my taste in music.

After I had bought them I read a review on headfi which put doubt into my mind that the Aeroís would lack the bass I wanted.

Well I have to say that the sound of a proper fitting, custom IEM is significantly better than the trail with a universal (which is how you have to trial them). The bass is fuller when the CIEM is actually in your ear canal.

And for £400, these are better than any other Universal balanced armiture headphone, and probably the best value CIEM. Equivalent CIEMs were £600 or more.

I got the JH Audio iPhone cable and I have a brilliant solution, including the molds for under £500.
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