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Hearing Protection: What level of protection do I need?

Trying to work out what level of protection you need is not always as straight forward as you may hope but hopefully this guide will help. If you are unsure and need custom earplugs or any kind of ear protection and want some personal human-to-human advice donít forget that we have a dedicated custom department, weíll have all the answers to your questions, we can be reached on 01920 876 958

So, our previous posts should help a great deal but in essence the key factors for deciding upon the right ear protection are: volume level, time and distance

Volume will be the SPL (sound pressure level) measured in dB
Time, your exposure time to the volume mentioned above
Distance, the distance from the source will greatly affect the measured dB at your ear

In a semi-pro or pro environment you may have access to a sound level dosimeter which measures the dB for you or the venue may have taken care of these measurements, if you donít then you would either need to choose a product that the manufacturer recommends for your specific scenario or use the chart on our previous posts that give approximate SPL measurements for different environments then allowing for the safe dB level (83dB / 4 hours) and your actual exposure time, eg:

If you are a DJ in a nightclub that has an SPL in the booth of 105dB and you are doing a 2 hour set, you would need a minimum of 19dB reduction, this allows for 86dB / 2 hours which is equal to 83dB / 4 hours - Our dB vs time chart can be found by clicking here and other real life example by clicking here

Minerva make life a little easier by offering 16 music earplugs as shown in the image below, click the image to be taken straight to their 16 music earplugs on our site. They also offer other custom earplugs for: Motorcycling (Click Here) | Sleeping (Click Here) | Work (Click Here)

Minerva Montage

ProGuard make earplugs using 3 different filter ratings that cover most uses, shown in the table below, to view these earplugs on our site for the:

8dB Click Here, the 13dB Click Here and the 17dB Click Here

Again, ProGuard make custom earplugs for many applications, to view the full range Click Here

ACS also make their own 2-way filter which helps to reduce the occlusion effect (hearing your own voice inside your head), their Pro range come in four different filter ratings a shown below:

Pro15 Acoustic: Ideal for acoustic and orchestral musicians - Click Here
Pro17 Voalists: Ideal for amplified musicians and vocal performers - Click Here
Pro20 High Noise: Ideal for motorsport and industrial applications - Click Here
Pro27 Severe Noise: Ideal for seriously loud environments - Click Here

Their complete range of custom products can also be found by Clicking Here


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