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Custom IEMs UK

Need Custom IEMs in the UK? Unsure where to start? Need advice, a choice of many of the top brands from around the world and all from a single store based in the UK?

Then read on...

At The Headphone Company we believe that being able to purchase Custom IEMs in the UK should be a simple, no fuss task! This is why we have taken care of the hard work, so you donít have to!

So I guess being able to play with some demo units and talking to an expert face-to-face could help? You want ear impressions taken at the same time by a qualified professional and have your order handled from end-to-end, start-to-finish by 1 company? Donít want the hassle of not knowing how good your ear impressions are until itís too late, donít want the hassle of shipping costs, bank fees, import duty?

At The Headphone Company, In Ear Monitors is what we do! We are the home of custom in ear monitors in the UK, you wonít find a better selection anywhere else, you wonít find a better selection of demo models anywhere else! You wonít find another company in the UK that is more experienced and dedicated to looking after you, the musician, the audiophile!

We can currently offer Custom IEMs in the UK with 1-6 or even 8 drivers from JH Audio, ACS, 1964 Ears, Alien Ears, Heir Audio, Westone, Minerva, Rooth, ProGuard, Sleek Audio, Puretone, Unique Melody and possibly Ultimate Ears in the near future

With a range so vast we can easily take care of your Custom IEM needs, so, no matter what your budget, or how many drivers, or how quick you need them, or what colour, or if you need a fixed / detachable cable, weíll match your needs to the right Custom IEM

No international phone calls, no time delays with email responses, no import duty or additional taxes, we are UK based with a UK phone number, we can even take care of your designer bespoke artwork - Simple!

Not only do we have a UK number but we also have a dedicated custom IEM department with an expert waiting to take your call, so, no matter what your query may be, we can help you on: 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) or if you simply want to browse and shop now then Click Here to view some of the best Custom IEMs in the UK and from around the world, your ears will love you weíre sure!


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