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ACS Custom

Did you know that after 2 years of R&D ACS Custom have recently launched their Live! Series Monitors? With dual or triple driver options along with a new integrated crossover and a replaceable cable the T-Series just got better!

The revised and improved IEMs offer an enviable feature set brought about with meticulous attention to detail and design. Their driver configuration brings you a broad rich sound combined with the impeccable fit and comfort created by the discreet soft silicone mould resulting in an in-ear monitor that feels and sounds completely natural allowing you to control your sound and focus on your performance...

When ACS Custom created the new Live! Series they didn’t just add another driver and call it ground breaking. They looked at the build, the wiring, the crossover, the components, the cable, the plug, the joints, the finish and even the case they send them in so that every aspect of their product is delivering what they want it to - Rest assured that you are buying Quality! Right now, buy from us and you’ll not only receive FREE delivery but we’ll also include a FREE spare cable worth £30

Find the dual and triple driver ACS Live! Series IEMs by Clicking Here & if you need custom monitors or any kind of ear protection and want some personal human-to human advice don’t forget that we have a dedicated custom department, we’ll have all the answers to your questions, we can be reached on 01920 876 958


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