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Demo Unit Update: Unique Melody Marvel and Mage now Available


We now have the Unique Melody Marvel and the Unique Melody Mage demo custom in ear monitors available at our Hertfordshire offices...

That makes the full set for us now as we already have for you the Aero, Merlin and Miracle...

Coming soon, the Unique Melody 3DD demo unit - Watch this space or book your demo session now, call us on: 01920 876 958

NEW Shure SE846 Quad Driver Earphones Just Announced


View / PreOrder the Shure SE846 >> Click Here

Exclusive UK News: You read it here 1st...

• Quad Hi-Definition Balanced MicroDrivers for extended high-end crystal sound.
• A revolutionary low-pass filter that will act like a subwoofer. So much so that Shure has a pending patent on this new design.
• You will now be able to adjust between 3 sound signatures via user serviceable nozzle - user changeable for different sound signatures. Yes! How cool is that? You can choose between warm sound, balanced sound or bright sound.
• The housing is a crystal clear transparent earpiece that lets you see the laser-etched components inside and admire in awe Shure’s precision engineering.
• The Dual LF drivers produce deep accurate bass, and when combined with Shure’s patented acoustic filter, these drivers are able to roll off at about 90Hz. The SE846 the first earphone in the market to employ the performance of a true subwoofer.
• The MF driver is tailored to blend well with the LF and HF drivers, providing a smooth, clean presence while avoiding intermodulation distortion in the mid frequencies. The HF driver is customized for extra high end extension and low distortion.
• Nozzle Insert: Once the HF and MF driver outputs combine, they are routed to the ear through the nozzle insert, which contains acoustic filtering to shape the high-mid frequencies.
• The Low frequencies are routed around the nozzle insert, keeping the low frequencies from blending with the high-mid frequencies. This helps to minimize cancellation and maintain clarity throughout the frequency spectrum.

Here’s Jude over at Head-Fi with a little more info via YouTube or to read the posts directly online with image pics Click Here