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Earphones and Headphones: Try Before You Buy


Many customers can’t always decide what earphones or headphones they want to go for, obviously you are unable to try them and you often take the plunge based on review sites, calling us and speaking to friends or colleagues. All too often we hear people wishing they could try them first, and now you can...

We have, after speaking to many of our customers and potential customers decided to stock a selection of "try-before-you-buy" demo units on many of our popular earphones, in-ear headphones and custom in ear monitors!

The list will grow over time and include the models we are often asked about, at present we have a selection of ACS, Shure, 1964 Ears and Unique Melody - Our main site product pages are highlighted with "demo units available" for every model we currently have, if you can’t see what you want to try, please just give us a call...

Our sales office can be contacted on 01920 876 958 should you wish to book a demo appointment...

Shure Earphones: Demo Units now Available


Demo units of the Shure SE Earphones range are now available in the UK with us at The Headphone Company!

The try-before-you-buy has a whole new meaning in our Earphone and In Ear Monitor Department, we have for you to play with:

• Shure SE215 :: The single driver
• Shure SE315 :: The single driver with tuned bass port
• Shure SE425 :: The dual driver
• Shure SE535 :: The triple driver

To view the range of Shure SE Earphones on our site NOW then all you need to do is Click Here