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Jerry Harvey of JH Audio on the JH13 & JH16

Jerry Harvey of JH Audio talking recently about the JH13 & JH16 at RMAF CanJam 2012.

On this video he discusses the differences between their 2 closely priced 6 and 8 driver custom in ear monitors, his new technology "freqphase" and also Hybrid IEMs...


As a UK stockist of all things JH Audio be sure to Click Here to view all of their products on our UK website...

Shooting Ear Plugs UK

Shooting is an expensive yet exciting hobby! You’ll no doubt have the best gun and equipment so why would you put ineffective 20p foam ear plugs in your ears or wear clunky uncomfortable and annoying ear muffs?

The answer is you really shouldn’t, modern technology has moved on so much, the days of the ear muff hitting your stock should be long gone? Custom Shooting Ear Plugs should now be an essential part of your game or clay accessories kit and with prices from just £100 for 5 years of use, what’s to consider?

We offer custom shooting ear plugs that are both passive (non-electronic) through to state-of-the-art active electronic noise suppressors, we even have a modular option that allows you to purchase a custom passive shooting ear plug and then add at a later date the electronic modules for the greatest ear protection you could ever experience!

Passive vs Active: What’s the Difference?

Passive, so non-electronic generally means that a filter within your custom ear plugs will act as the noise suppressor, ie: when the gun is fired the noise level is suppressed to a safe limit of 80-85 dB. Gun shots can be in excess of 140 dB which is way beyond what is safe for your ears even at a distance of 1m, as you’ll know at least 1 of your ears will only be a few cm’s away! The filters also allow normal communication when worn, eg: speaking to people around you, using mobile phones, etc.

Active, generally means that the noise suppression (again to a safe limit of 80-85 dB) within your custom ear plugs will be controlled by state-of-the-art, very clever series of electronics and algorithms allowing for much greater protection, more features and less fuss! An example of these is shown below with the CENS range of custom shooting ear plugs, some of the features with them include:

• Flexible, medical-grade silicone material - extremely comfortable over long durations
• Battery life of up to 400 hours with low battery warning
• On / Off switch with volume control (for both left and right side)
• Power on delay (allowing the user to set the volume before placing in the ear)
• Activation melody
• Enhanced Ambient Sounds - Hear releasing traps / approaching game before anyone else
• Digital DSP Circuitry / Digital Compression
• Hear normal conversation and use mobile phones without removal

For any of our custom shooting ear plugs you will need to have ear impressions made...

What’s an Ear Impression and how do I get them made?

Click Here to read our Ear Impression FAQ’s

Our on-site and mobile ear impression services cover the South East of England including London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and West Suffolk, other areas will be considered depending on your desired product / purchase. For CENS Shooting Ear Plugs we also have a specialist mobile CENS agent who covers the South, South East, East Anglia, East Midlands and West Midlands. Outside of these areas please also speak to us so that we can connect you with a local outlet within the UK

We are also able to arrange demo sessions throughout the week (7 days) at your gun club, we can show and demo our complete range in addition to taking your ear impressions. Just ask the gun club owner or manager to speak to us and we’ll take care of the rest...

To talk to an expert or to book an appointment to see us, please call our custom department direct on 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) - If you simply want to browse and shop then Click Here

Unique Melody Platform Pure 6 - PP6

The next step in the evolution of sound reproduction. The Unique Melody Platform Pure Six combines a DSP, DAC, Tri-amplified truly active crossover with a totally revised six driver custom in ear monitor to bring you to the next level in audio bliss

Live on our site now, Click Here to view the Unique Melody PP6 in all it’s glory! Want to purchase the UM PP6? As the official and exclusive UK dealer for UM this item is ready for an immediate purchase!

1964 Ears 1964-V6

To all who were waiting for this...

The 1964 Ears 1964-V6 has just been announced, we are taking orders from today which will give us enough time to receive your ear impressions and into the 1964 Ears Lab for their launch day...

To view the 1964 Ears 1964-V6 Six Driver Custom In Ear Monitors on our site NOW then all you need to do is Click Here

Ear Impressions: FAQs


Ear Impressions: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Are they safe?

Yes, any person taking ear impressions must be qualified and also insured - They will then perform the procedure correctly and more importantly safely. At The Headphone Company we are both qualified and insured, we also use the latest equipment and impression materials for our ear impression services, both at our offices and on-site

Why would you need them?

Ear Impressions are required for any custom fitted product, be that ear plugs (musicians, DJs, motorsports, shooting, etc.) or custom in ear monitors (custom IEMs / custom earphones)

What are the costs?

Prices can vary but you do have a choice, there are a range of national chains that will be able to help but also local independents that you may not even realise are there

Typically you would expect to pay about £35 for a pair of ear impressions, some centres may charge up to £50, this often happens if they are a busy centre, so if their time is limited, they will charge a premium - Always check prices before before you book an appointment but never pay more than £50 for a pair of ear impressions where you will be attending an appointment at their premises. If you are looking for a mobile ear impression appointment then you would expect to pay slightly more than £35

At The Headphone Company we offer appointments at our premises in Hertfordshire, but we also offer a mobile service that covers London, Hertfordshire, Essex & most areas of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, West Suffolk and Middlesex. Our prices range from £35 and we are able to visit you any day of the week including evenings and weekends

How long do they take to make?

Typically an appointment will take no more than 30 minutes

How long do they last?

Maximum 3 months before they start to degrade / change shape so they must be used by then or re-made. With some of our custom products your ear impressions will be digitally scanned, free of charge and held on file for 5 years meaning that any re-makes or new custom products in that time will not require a new set of ear impressions

What’s the ear impression process?

Initially during your appointment our qualified professional will examine your ears to ensure that the ear impressions can safely be taken, generally speaking only an excess of ear wax will prevent us from proceeding - In these circumstances you should see your GP / Nurse to have the wax removed, we can then re-book your appointment

If your ears are OK, they will place a small piece of foam into your ear canal to prevent any excess impression material going into your ear. They will then inject into the outer part of your ear canal the soft impression material: This process will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes

Once set, the impression along with the foam will gently be removed

Do I need an open mouth impression?

This will depend on a few factors and is best discussed with us in person. Generally speaking an open mouth impression will mean that your ear canal with have extra grip on your custom product when the mouth is closed and a normal amount of grip when in the same position as when the impression was taken - Ideal for singing musicians (as the seal is less likely to be broken with constant mouth movement) or audiophiles that are used to wearing Custom IEMs and want that extra bit a grip / tighter seal

Again, to decide what is right for you, please speak to us...

Audiologist or Custom Specialist?

All Audiologists are more than qualified to take an ear impression but not always do they understand that an ear impression can be used for more than just an hearing aid! If you are using an audiologist to have impressions made for any of our custom products please ensure that you have made the purchase with us first and that we have sent you your ear impression instructions for the audiologist to follow

As a specialist store that provides custom ear plugs and custom in ear monitors we know what we need to do and why we need to do it, no fuss, no hassle, we know what detail is required for every product, for every client, no matter what shape or size your ears are - Our specialist service, advice and experience cannot be rivalled

Can anyone have ear impressions taken?

Technically yes, however for ear protection ear plugs or custom in ear monitors it’s best that you are over 16 years old, this is because any younger and your ears will out grow the custom product too quickly, ie: you’ll possibly be spending money every year to have new impressions taken and new custom products made

What does an ear impression look like?

What’s a bad impression? Does it make a difference?

A bad impression is an impression that has any of the required detail missing. It can make a difference in 2 ways: 1) It could stop the product being made requiring you to spend more time and money to get fresh impressions, delaying ultimately the production of your custom product or 2) Worse case, your custom product is made and it either doesn’t fit, doesn’t form a seal, is uncomfortable or possibly all of these issues

At The Headphone Company we will never make a bad impression, likewise we will never send any bad impressions to any of our custom manufacturers. If you are sending us impressions directly we will check them to ensure that they are useable and advise you if they need to be re-made, this is free of charge and part of our service!

Can I use a self impression kit?

Not a good idea! Will never be as accurate as having a professional make them and honestly do you want to have someone unqualified squirting anything in your ear? Don’t forget also the subject mentioned above, bad impression = bad custom product

Can I use Blue-Tac?

Er, no although I have seen a video on YouTube of a guy making custom earphone sleeves with Blue-Tac, I guess he was on a very tight budget?

I already have a moulded product, do I need new ear impressions?

Yes, as all custom products are made from ear impressions, you cannot mould a new product from an existing custom product

I have ear impressions already, can they be used?

Only if they are less than 3 months old and have all the required detail (we can check this for you)

Need more information or help?

For a full list of our services for ear impressions Click Here or to talk to our ear impression department directly, call us on: 01920 876 959 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) or email by Clicking Here