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1964 Ears UK

1964 Ears are a Portland, Oregon based independent custom in-ear lab that is committed to making the finest, yet most affordable custom products for the working musician!

In a world of expensive custom In-Ear Monitors, 1964’s mission was to bridge the gap between price and quality. What they say that sets them apart from the rest, is the ability to provide exceptional service, high quality products and knowledgeable advice, ALL at an affordable price...

Looking at the image below they certainly make some fine in ear monitors, well, we think so!

The models in the range include:

1964-V3: Triple Driver
1964-Q: Quad Driver

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As always, you can also call our custom department on 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) to discuss 1964 Ears or any of our other custom IEM brands, no matter what your requirements are, we’ll find the right IEMs for you!

Why do Clear Earphone Cables turn Green?

Often people have asked us why their clear earphone cable turns green, often wondering are they, it’s simply chemistry I’m afraid!

The element copper undergoes the process of oxidation, if it is exposed to air. Copper metal reacts with oxygen, resulting in the formation of copper oxide which appears green in colour. Copper does not react with water, the outer green layer formed after the oxidation of copper is known as a patina

Unlike other destructive oxidation, the patina acts as a protective layer. This is the reason as to why copper is considered as an important metal, as it is resistant to corrosion. The patina prevents further corrosion of the copper beneath the oxidized layer

An example of a green cable is shown below on these custom in ear monitors, with a clear cable...

Whilst not necessarily being that attractive to the eye, oxidation of your earphone cable does not affect the sound of them. Note also that oxidation occurs regardless of the colour of your cable, so even if the outer part of your cable is black, white, beige or any other colour, the copper on the inside we still turn green, you just can’t see it!

In Ear Monitors for Professional / Recording Musicians and Signed Artists

Are you a professional or recording musician, a signed artist? Need In Ear Monitors but too busy to even think about them?

Let us take care of you! The Headphone Company offers the following:

We operate 7 days per week taking ear impressions day or night. We work around you and your labels requirements, visiting you at your rehearsals, back stage, on tour or in the studio!

Discretion and protecting your privacy is hugely important to us, your instructions and requirements will be met on time, every time! Wether you’re a single artist or complete band no requirement is too big or too small

The current pro in ear monitor brands that we represent are shown below, to discuss your needs, call us on 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm)

Unique Melody Reshells with Added Extra Drivers

Give life to your old universal in ear monitor with the Unique Melody reshelling and upgrade service. They take apart your old universal and harvest the internal components of almost any high end IEM including Shure, Westone and Ultimate Ears, placing them within a custom moulded shell built to the same quality as their own in house monitors. If your universal is driving you crazy or you are suffering from using insulation tape holding your cable together or your IEM’s are always falling out mid gig, then reshelling is your cost effective solution!

Want more from your existing universal IEMs - If you are chasing that extra bit of sound quality they can also upgrade your universal in ear monitor with additional drivers and their own in house crossovers. Designed to bring out the best from your original drivers, they’ve spent the time to develop a range of upgrades that will take your old universal and transform them into a new beast.

To find all of the Unique Melody reshell and upgrade options on our site Click Here or call our custom department on 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) to chat to us, we can run through all the driver upgrades / additions for your earphone model and discuss the best solution for your budget also!

Custom In Ear Monitors with Ambient Vents

Custom In Ear Monitors are fast becoming the norm for performing Artists and Musicians, for both on stage and rehearsals but do they cut you off from your audience? Is an ambient vent the best option?

Custom In Ear Monitors isolate your ears from unwanted ambient sound, so that you hear only the monitor mix. By eliminating ambience, you increase the signal-to-noise ratio in the ear canal. As a result, you can listen with greater accuracy at lower volume levels whilst also protecting your ears from an extra unwanted 25-30dB of outside noise

To add ambient stage sound into your mix, consider an active ambient system with microphones embedded in the earphones. The next best choice is to set up ambience microphones and have the monitor engineer add them to the mix

We wouldn’t normally advise using custom in ear monitors with ambient vents that allow uncontrolled sound into your ears. These designs eliminate the benefits of isolation, reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. This typically results in the need for higher volume levels to compensate but also your ears become less protected, in addition these will change the sound and quality of sound that you hear, certainly in the lower end - If ambient vents is your only or preferred option then just ensure you select a manufacturer that supplies vent plugs that allow you to control the isolation level

What is an Ambient Vent?

An ambient vent is a small tube, which is bored into an earpiece to limit isolation. This allows the user to hear the outside "ambient" sounds. Typically, stage performers who do not wish to be completely cut-off from their audiences use the ambient vent option as a cheaper alternate to active ambient systems or ambient stage mics

Ambient Vents are NOT for audiophile or consumer use as they can drastically affect the sound quality!

An example of Custom In Ear Monitors with an Ambient Vent is shown below:

Not sure what is best for you? Call our custom department direct on 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm) and we’ll get you fixed up!

Rooth Professional Audio UK

Rooth Professional Audio In Ear Monitors now available in the UK with The Headphone Company!

The models in the range include:

LS2: 2 BA Drivers
LS3: 3 BA Drivers
LS4: 4 BA Drivers
LS-X5: 4 BA Drivers + 1 Dynamic (Hybrid IEM)
LS6: 6 BA Drivers
LS8: 8 BA Drivers (Dual Bore)
LS8+: 8 BA Drivers (Triple Bore)

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Earphones and In Ear Monitors for Bands

Looking for the best UK store to kit out your band or orchestra with earphones, custom in ear monitors or custom ear protection? If you’re reading this then you have just found us - The Headphone Company!

So all you musicians, rockers, drummers, bass players, guitarists, singers and vocalists, read on...

We’ve been official stockists of Shure Earphones since 2006, Westone Earphones since 2007 and ACS since 2008 and can offer all of their universal off-of-the-shelf earphones, we carry more than enough stock to take care of complete bands, orchestras or sound / production crews! Discounts and bundle prices are also available for group buys! We can also produce custom earphone sleeves for all of these earphone models

We can also currently offer Custom In Ear Monitors with 1-6 or even 8 drivers from JH Audio, ACS, Alien Ears, Westone, Minerva, ProGuard, Sleek Audio, Puretone, Unique Melody and possibly Ultimate Ears, Rooth and Heir Audio in the near future - Need Ear Impressions? no worries we have that covered also!

Have a set of generic universal earphones that are looking a little tired or you just can’t get them to seal right or they fall out mid-performance? No problem, we’ll take care of them too, with a custom reshell we’ll turn them into a custom in ear monitor with a new detachable cable, snazz them up for you also at the same time!

You can find our website by Clicking Here or to send us an email Click Here

Our Sales Office can be contacted on 01920 877 119 or to talk directly with our band and custom department call 01920 876 958 (Lines Open: Mon - Sun, 9.00am - 9.00pm)