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Custom Earphones

If you are serious about your music as a consumer or are a performing musician that requires the best fit, sound, isolation and comfort then a custom monitor is a must!

Custom Fit
All custom earphones will require a set of ear impressions, the impressions of your ears are then used to make the custom earphones ensuring that they fit perfectly with every shape and contour of your ears - This makes them very easy to use, placing them in the ear and removing them becomes a no-fuss process vs any standard in-ear monitor / earphone. In addition to this the fitting becomes extremely secure with very little chance of them falling out during a performance for example

As custom earphones are hand built using only the finest parts and materials the sound attained is unrivalled vs any off the shelf earphone, also with no foam tip or sleeve to dampen or alter the sound signature you can be assured that the quality that hits your ear is unaltered and as close to true as possible. You also have a choice of drivers to match not only your budget but also the sound that you require, custom earphones are available in: single, dual, triple and five driver models

Offering the best seal possible, ultimately the isolation will hit perfection and certainly the highest you will find with any earphone / monitor available. Often classed as "perfect fit" or "leaktight seals" you will find that noise level reduction would be in the region of 25 dB, eg: same as standing beside a petrol lawnmower (usually 100 dB) but only hearing around 70 dB which is equivalent to an electric hoover

Again, owing to the custom nature and the material used (silicone) comfort cannot be rivalled by any other product, not only are the custom earphones matched to your ear shape but they will also soften with your ears heat, leading to enhanced comfort and zero ear fatigue meaning that hours of use is achievable without them causing ear ache which is often found with off the shelf earphones after a few hours of constant use, they are therefore great for travelling, performing or TV / Studio work

At present we can offer through our site:
ACS Customs: ACS T1, ACS T2 & ACS T3
JH Audio: Coming Soon (Hopefully)
Puretone: Puretone Classic & Flex
Sleek Audio: CT6 & CT7
Westone: Elite ES1, ES2, ES3, ES3x, ES5 + AC1 & AC2

If you would like to enter the world of custom earphones but donít quite have the budget you may also want to take a look at our custom earphone sleeve service, we are able to make custom sleeves for all Shure Earphones, Etymotic and also the Sennheiser IE range - For just £90 which includes having your impressions taken we can give you all the benefits of custom fit for an off the shelf earphone!

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