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Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones (Bronze) £0.00

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Customer Reviews

by Dave on 31st May 2013

Leading up to purchasing these I deliberated over settling on either these or the Westone 4Rís. I spent hours reading reviews, gathering what essentially comes down to peoples subjective views on two excellent products.

I settled on the Shure SE525ís in bronze, and so to add to that list of subjective views, mine is below.

A few things came through consistently in the reviews I read, and I would concur with wholeheartedly. These being;

- They are very well made
- Removable cables is a real plus at this price
- The mid-range on these is incredible
- They are secure and comfortable
- Base is deep and natural, but not over processed
- Burn them in 10hrs+ as they definitely loosen up
- Sound isolation is incredible. At low music volume, I canít even hear the phone ring two feet away from me!

Now I could talk about sound stage and separation, but you would expect that from earphones in this space, so instead I will say how they ífeelí.

In particular, one thing I really get with these that I havenít had with other earphones is a feeling of íspaceí. It doesnít feel like the music is being ídelivered into your earí, but rather surrounds you. No joke, but one track had a police siren on it, and I got up to look out the window to see if it was outside; it just sounded as if it wasnít coming from the earphone! I had to play it again to make sure it was :-)

I donít agree with some views describing a high end treble fall off. Maybe itís just my hearing, but I donít hear this at all.

I have tested these with many different genres and they perform admirably. Tracks ranging from;

Dave Mathews Band - American Baby
Bonnie Raitt - Nick of Time
Aphex Twin - We are the Music Makers
Ian Brown - F.E.A.R.
Propellerheads - OHMSS (This is a really good test track!)
Elmer Bernstein - Magnificent Seven
Gorecki - Symphony #3 Lento e Largo

Some slight negatives, and I mean slight;

- It takes a little time to put them in, not just to place them over the ear, but also to allow the foam (as I find these the best fit) plugs to expand. That can take 10-20 seconds all in all. This can be frustrating if someone keeps trying to talk to you. The plus side is once they are in, the sound isolation is superb.
- The supplied in-line volume control feels a little cheap.

As an aside I called around several retailers in the UK to discuss my Westone 4R vs Shure SE535 choice, and Paul at TheHeadphoneCompany was patient and superbly helpful.

Not only would I recommend the Shureís, as I absolutely love them, but also buying from these guys without hesitation.

by J on 15th March 2013

Iíve been thinking about In ear monitors for a long time but thereís so many out there with so many different price options. I randomly found through google and rang up for some advice.

I explained myself as a gigging musician and that it was needed as quickly as possible. I received the in ears next day luckily for my gig that night, they were Perfect and have booked to get impressions made through so I have a completely perfect fit, I would highly recommend theheadphonecompany to anyone that needs pro equipment and quickly with an extremely helpful contact on the phone.

Big thanks to these guys.

by Paul on 5th January 2013

Just replaced an old set of E5C with these and have to say they are even better than the old pair. Different sound entirely, much brighter but the bass is still as strong as ever. Would highly recommend to anyone, fantastic piece of kit. Thanks again for the help and advice pre sales.

by Adam on 10th January 2012

The earphones are excellent, the sound is sublime. I am very pleased with them, thank you so much Headphone Company!

by Phil H on 26th April 2012

Forget the wife, forget the kids, forget the boss, forget whoever you like ....... Why I hear you say? Because you now have a new master the Shure SE535ís. The only earache youíll be getting from now on is if you have the Shures cranked up too high!

Currently listening to The Civils Wars at 320kbs on a Samsung Galaxy S2 with player pro, I detected the fellas voice at the beginning of a track "croak" until he hit the right note! I didnt get that with my old Senn CX300 2íS ... but these Shures are almost £270 more than the Senns so hardly surprising.

Excellent service provided by Paul at mp3co. Iím glad these guys are competing in the world market place .... other countries offer slightly cheaper prices but I wanted to keep my money flowing in the uk. As promised delivered pre 12pm.

Thanks Again.

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