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Shure SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones (Metallic Silver) £0.00

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by David Park on 14th November 2012

FANTASTIC ...... the word summs it up completely.

The service from The Headphone Company first .... fast shipping, which was free, and 1st class communications to let me know what was happening with my order.

Now the SE425ís

Iím blown away, I had thought that there would be enough of a difference between these and their bigger brother the SE 535ís, for me to be disappointed, but the truth is that I could not hear £300 more clarity from my friends 535ís in comparison to the 425ís I have bought ..... it could be me convincing myself I hear you say .... that may have been the case until my buddy also confirmed there was nothing in it between the 2 sets ...... certainly nothing to justify the leap in cost.

I have tried a number of different types and manufacturers over the past couple of years and the 425ís are without a doubt the earphones that tick most boxes as the complete package.

Price .... what I would regard as the upper bracket of mid range.

Build quality ... without a doubt there has been a lot of focus on quality, these are reassuringly well put together with good quality materials.

Comfort ...... my earphones travel everywhere with me and are used constantly, so comfort is a key requirement, these, once you get used to fitting them, sit without an ache for the whole day.

Sound .... Listening pleasure is where these 425ís come in to their own, I am picking up breathing in between vocals that I never have done before on favorite tracks, cord changes on guitars are audible when the player moves their fingers and the base is superb (as opposed to over powering like some manufacturers seem to boost to hide the fact that they are less than impressive). Mid range is sublime with the 425ís also and I am of the opinion that these are the most well balanced earphones I have ever owned.

At the end of the day, the buyer can do what I have done over the past few years ...... Iíve spent £479 on earphones that were less than impressive for build quality, comfort and in one major manufacturers case, VERY lacking in sound clarity ...... at the end of the day I should have picked up the 425ís a long time ago ..... £199 is not cheap ..... however, spending more than double over the time I did proved VERY expensive ...... if the 425ís last 2 1/2 years Iíll be more than happy.

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