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Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones (Clear) £0.00

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Customer Reviews

by Tom on 6th June 2013

I bought these earphones about a month ago but waited until now to review them so that I could give them a proper try out. In the space of this month they have been tested everyday on an hour long bus journey to work and back, walking around town, on the train to Manchester, and finally on a 14 hour flight to China. In summary: I love them.

This is the first decent pair of earphones Iíve ever bought, so a large degree of impressiveness will obviously come from the upgrade from cheap earphones to ones worth a bit of money. It took me quite a while to decide on a pair to buy, and initially I was looking at the 215ís the Bose IE2ís amongst others from Senheiser and the like. I decided to spend a bit extra on the 315ís but not having used the 215ís Iím not sure how they compare.

I was intrigued by the IEM stye of these and since I play in a band I felt they might be useful on stage some time in the future though I havenít got chance to try them out in that setting yet.

The earphones come with a generous supply of tips, some foam, some silicon, and a soft case. I would recommend trying every single tip in there to find the perfect fit, it really makes a difference. I narrowed it down to the medium and large foam tips and spent an hours bus journey wearing each before making my final decision on the medium which is very comfortable and provides excellent sound isolation for my ears.

The sound isolation is phenomenal, the noise of the buses, trains and plane all but disappeared and I could enjoy my music without any distractions. There are still a few high pitch noises that seep in, such as the indicators on the bus, but these arenít noticeable when youíre actually playing music, even at low volumes.

It takes a while to get used to the over-ear wire, and a bit of time for the wire to start moulding a bit more into place, but persevere with it as it pays off and provides an excellent fit that wonít fall out no matter how hard you try. In fact one of the downsides of the excellent fit and noise isolation is that when someone talks to you, you have no chance of hearing them without taking them out, which isnít as quick at earbuds and the first few times you might find yourself bending your ears in strange angles.

Iíve not had any of the problems Iíve seen other people comment on in other reviews, such as the cable rubbing on the top of your ear causing pain, or the cable being so heavy it drags down on them. The cable itself is heavy duty and kevlar coated, so hopefully if I get shot in that exact 3mm region then I should be fine... I like that the cable has a heavier feel to it, makes it feel like it will last much longer, even if it is replaceable. With that in mind the actual connections to the earphone themselves is really good, clicking in to place nice and securely and allowing them to swivel for easy fitting.

The lead has an adjustable bit (not sure what its called) that you can pull up under your chin and this just helps secure the leads behind your ears a bit more. The alternative way of wearing them is with the lead running down your back, at which point you pull the bit up to the bump on the back of your head, which is a bit more of a stable position for exercising, or keeps the wire out the way if your playing on stage or wearing them whilst recording for example.

Others have complained about the length of the cable, personally I prefer to have more cable then too little, and you can just wrap the excess up and stuff it in a pocket anyway.

Now for the important bit: the sound.

The first thing I will say is that these are no Beats by Dr Dre, and so any bassphiles out there donít choose these. That being said I much prefer them to the Beats range because it hasnít extended the bass range to a ridiculous level. And thatís coming from a bassist.

Instead these earphones provide a pretty flat response, but that is accentuates everything with amazing clarity and brings the music to life in a different way then just upping the bass can.

These are in-ear MONITORS and as such have a flat response for adjusting recordings e.t.c. The bass response I find is more than adequate giving a good depth to the music. The treble provide true definition whilst not being too harsh, and the mids just make everything stand out crystal clear. If you do fancy adjusting things then they respond very well to any fiddling with the EQ on your music player.

I listen to a huge variety of stuff: Slipknot, Lucy Rose, David Bowie, The Smiths, Green Day, Hans Zimmer soundtracks, you name it. And these headphones perform excellently across all genres.

They have an excellent kick to them when it comes to rock and even things like drum and bass, the thing I notice most is the drums, they sound phenomenal. They manage to pick out guitar lines and bass fills that Iíve never heard before and just make the whole music listening experience a joy.

For things such as folk or acoustic music you can hear every breath the singer took and every slide of a finger on the guitar strings and it really makes you feel like youíre sat next to the player.

Throughout they provide excellent immersive stereo that really envelopes you almost 360 in sound (listen to the new War of the Worlds for some amazing stereo demonstration).

This has been a ridiculously long review but I wanted to address everything in detail.

My summary: amazing

by Tom on 21st March 2013

Shure earphones provide some of the best sound quality for the price.

Perfect fit!

Thank you, best price, free next day delivery - I am so happy with my purchase!

by Andrew D on 23rd July 2012

Iím very pleased with my Shures, although initially they disappointed it was down to using the wrong sleeve size. Now that Iíve fixed that the headphones deliver a nice warm sound. Getting the right fit was really important here and it really made a difference in sound quality.

They isolate the background noise well. I wore them on the tube this morning and couldnít really hear the background noise and it definitely didnít distract me from my music, which has happened previously with Denons and other Shures.

I was also sceptical about having the wire over my ears, and theyíve actually been really comfortable to wear, even with sunglasses (yes itís the one hot day of the year).

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