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Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones (Clear) £0.00

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Customer Reviews

by Simon Foster on 2nd February 2013

Had these for a few weeks now and they are simply stunning, the fitting is easy and unobtrusive and the sound stage is brilliant Iím using them with my IPod Classic, Samsung Galaxy and Nexus 7 and the Shures sound way better than the Etymotics I have. The Headphone Company were brilliant I ordered on Sunday evening and the posty was knocking the door with them in his had Tuesday morning. Buying from The Headphone Company gives you the confidence that what you buy is not some knock off from a back street in a far off country that you canít even say let alone spell, they understand that the customer is the reason they do what they do. Buy with confidence.

by James Phillips on 15th February 2013

Iíll start by saying Iím not new to a decent set of headphones, beats by dre studio, audeo pfe 112, bose in ear... Owned quite a few decent sets, bt the 215í outperform them all. From the base of the cable at the jack the cables are solid, nice feel to them and can withstand harsh use. Then at the top of the cable you have mouldable over ear supports to give you the perfect fit accompanying the driver housings.

The sound:

Well, they perform extremely well across all frequencies and totally immerse you in whatever music takes your pick. Its like a concert in your head, you can really hear the full spectrum and they are not flat in any sort of way. The bass enhancement totally compliments the higher frequencies but establishes its presence.

Overall they are a rugged set of in ear cans and produce a sound that is unparalleled by any headphone I have previously used, perfect for all song choices unlike the beats.

by Oli on 3rd January 2013

First time I have used the headphone company and I will definitely be using them again A* service. Website is easy to use and communication with you is excellent. Quick processing and delivery times ensured I received my shure se215 quickly. The headphones themselves are high quality. They provide a crisp sound enhanced by their ability to be able to block background noise by what Iím guessing is 95% ! Bass is not overpowering but you definitely know itís there ! The trebles are very good to. Recommend this product and headphone company 10/10. Thank you.

by Norbert on 25th June 2012

Amazing headphones!! Ive got them for nearly a year and im really happy with them, I could give so many positives why the se215 are really worth buying

- sound quality is great
- dynamic drivers give solid bass
- they are really loud
- the cables are indestructible!!
- excellent sound isolation
- brilliant audio quality
- they are really comfortable
I 100% recommend this earphones

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