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1964 Ears 1964-V3 Triple Driver Custom In Ear Monitors £470.00
(FREE Delivery Included)

In a world of expensive custom In-Ear Monitors, 1964 Ears set upon a mission to bridge the gap between price and quality. What they say that sets them apart from the rest, is the ability to provide exceptional service, high quality products and knowledgeable advice, ALL at an affordable price!

The V3 triple driver was designed for a full spectrum sound with a slight emphasis on the bass region. Its the most natural sounding IEM without being sterile and boring. This model is recommended for stage use, studio and portable music listening

For the 1964-V3 you will need to have ear impressions, these will need to be made by an audiologist and are not included in the price
Why buy 1964 Ears from The Headphone Company?

As a UK company and the exclusive UK 1964 Ears dealer, the price you see for 1964 Ears Custom In Ear Monitors from us is a fully inclusive price, youíll pay us no more than shown above or at our checkout! Our prices are also matched to the 1964 Ears price in $US

Buying from us gives you access to experts with a dedicated custom department direct phone number, an in-house design service for your artwork needs but more importantly a team that are passionate and knowledgeable about the products that we sell. Lastly, we will ensure that your ear impressions are perfect before they are sent to 1964 Ears, something that you cannot do yourself!

Of course, you could buy from other dealers around the world including the US but donít forget that the prices you see will look attractive because they donít usually show their countries GST, our prices do and are fully inclusive of UK VAT. Also, talking to us in the UK is easy either by phone or email, you wonít have bank fees for an international card payment to worry about, you will also then pay no extra duty, VAT or handling fees when they arrive in the UK

So, donít jump into buying overseas after seeing what appears to be a cheap base price in $US, youíll pay us no more than anywhere else in the world, weíll still manage your order end-to-end and more importantly youíll keep your £s in the UK!

How do I find my nearest audiologist?

So here you have a few options:

1) As the home of custom in ear monitors in the UK you could visit us at our offices in Hertfordshire and we could make your ear impressions or

2) We have a mobile service that covers London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and West Suffolk or

3) Call us so that we can put you in touch with your nearest UK audiologist or

4) If you are a band or group of musicians that require multiple IEMs and ear impressions please call us as we are able to offer package deals, our coverage area for this extends to most parts of England

If you need advice, help with any part of the process or details of your nearest audiologist please call our Custom Department direct: 01920 876 958

When you purchase this item (1964-V3) we will contact you to organise your ear impressions, we can also then discuss any option choices (these are shown below). At this stage if you are using your local audiologist rather than our services we will email you instructions to take with you to your appointment

Included Options are:
Standard Solid or Translucent Colours (Shown Below) - Choice for both Faceplates
3D Printed Shells: Clear or Solid Black
Cable Colour: Black or Silver
Cable Length: 48"
Choice of 1964 Ears Dual Line Logo or Model Number (if required)

Excluded Options are:
+£5: 64" Cable
+£60: Custom Artwork
+£80: Real Carbon Fibre Faceplates
+£50: Brushed Aluminium Faceplates
+£80: Real Wooden Faceplates
+£40: Glitters
+£40: Ambient Ports
+£20: Recessed Sockets

Click Here: For current production times with 1964 Ears (once we have received your impressions)

What colours are available?

Standard Solid and Translucent Colours are shown below (click on image to expand - opens in new window)

Customer Reviews

by Craig Davidson on 12th April 2014

I ordered the 1964 Ears 1964-V3 with Recessed Sockets as my Etymoticís had given up the ghost and I thought they would be sufficient enough to listen to Spotify with my iPhone 5, what a difference they have made. The IEMís feel very comfortable and the sound quality is superb.

Canít thank Paul enough for his help and quick replies to all my emailís and the smooth process from ordering through to the delivery, which was under three weeks with the rush service.

I would definitely recommend Paul and the Headphone Company to anyone who is after Custom IEMís!

by Alan Green on 7th June 2013

I was a little worried about spending this kind of money on a pair of headphones as my purchase was not for live performance but for playing my beloved music through my iphone. Iíve never used custom made headphones before (preivously owning Triple Fi 10ís and also a pair of Shure 310ís) My brand new 1964 Ears not only look and feel "cool" they sound incredible. Iím hearing things I never knew were in the music. The bass is solid without being too over powering and the mid / treble is crisp and clear enough to please. As a result, Iím listening to boring old tracks in a whole new way, lighting up my ear drums with tiny little pieces of magic that Iím guessing could only have ever been heard in the studio when the music was originally produced.

The product itself feels light but sturdy enough to give it a quality upmarket feel.

I must say the custom artwork is fantastic. Itís beautifully made and gorgeously printed on each ear. My advice is to take your time with your logo and make yours look as good as these babies sound! Overall Iím so pleased with them as for me they are an essential upgrade to the £200 universal headphones Iíve had in the past.

Alans 1964-V3 are shown below...

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